Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pearl's Maple-Pumpkin Pie

Since you've already made Pearl's Pretty-Darn-Good-Pumpkin-Pie (you have, haven't you?), here a quick and easy way to snazzy it up a bit.  Just substitute 1/2 cup maple-flavored syrup for 1/2 cup of the evaporated milk.  That's all there is to it.   

What?  You expect me to type out the whole recipe for you again?  Child, if yer too lazy to click on a dang link, yer way too lazy to bake a dang pie and now maybe that's somethin' we oughta talk about.

At the Stop On By Cafe, it's always okay to air your dirty laundry.   So tell Pearl...   What else have you been puttin' off  lately that's come back to bite ya in the be-hind?  
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